Interview With Sex Piss…The One And Only!


Hello Everyone!

Crappy Movie Night had the honor of interviewing Sex Piss from Yeti: A Gay Love Story via Skype. It was a great time talking to such a titan in the film industry.  He’s best known for playing a near-serial killer in the film. Thankfully we didn’t use the video chat, because he’d see I wasn’t wearing any pants.  Just frilly, pink thongs and nipple clamps.

I hope he never reads that last sentence.

T’was unfortunate we couldn’t have the whole crew in the podcast, but everyone’s on insanely different schedules right now.

Listen as I chastise him for turning me off of Finger-Banging and consequently my fiance from sex.  She joins us at one point to listen to his mesmerizing voice.  Stay for the chat about his Vine Video, random questions. She also corrects our stupid American pronunciation of paper-mache.  Damn Brits have to ruin everything!

We learned so much from him, new trivia (what is sex-piss’s real name), where $200.00 budgets go (Two-Hundred), editing, Birdemic, promoting my own screenplays off his fame, and drinking beers!

Pro-Tip: Don’t Google Image Search Sex Piss!

Yeti A (Gay) Love Story (PART 1)


Erik, Brian, the fiance and I watched Yeti A (Gay) Love Story for our new podcast.  We loved it so much and the fact one of the writers/producers/actors/Skype Problems, we stretched it into two segments, plus our very first INTERVIEW with a semi-famous/well known person.

Join us this time as we discuss the first half of YETI.  Enjoy our banter.  That is, until Brian and Helen get cut-off for being too awesome.

Right in the middle of this podcast we had technical difficulties.  SO there’s a jump cut.  Brian and the Englishwoman are (mostly) gone.  They’ll be back, once we pay them some fucking royalties.

Short Story: WE LOVED THIS MOVIE – Brian, our newest Podcaster was traumatized by it.  I threaten to replace the Fiance with a Fleshlight.  Listen to the romantic story of how we met, and scream in laughter as she smears sweat on me!  This is by far our best chemistry on a podcast.  Unfortunately, the connections were shitty and Erik and I continued on (very well, but you can tell a difference).

Enjoy, because we sure did!  Click the hyperlink, because I can’t fucking figure out the player!  Maybe it’s the vodka tonics speaking!


Satan’s Cheerleaders!


Here’s our wonderful, longish podcast about Satan’s Cheerleaders. Stay for the extras, with our very own English FEMALE who chats with us. (We’re not shut-ins, we swear!)

The movie’s definitely worth a watch and the writing’s decent. There’s even a little T&A (no Bush!) We do love the movie.

This time, we tried to introduce ourselves and the movie, so you wouldn’t be guessing. I edited some of this while my brain was altered…so it might be a bit choppy.
Good luck and let us have some feedback. Next time it’s Yeti, A Love Story:

Flesh Wounds Podcast…

This is our opus…so far our best podcast. It’s offensive, nearly an hour, full of soundbites, Herculean penis references and social commentary. There needed to be more nudity and gore. There wasn’t nearly enough for my partner and I to love.

Flesh wounds stars Kevin Sorbo (A REPUBLICAN!!) and the guy you recognize from those movies, and absolutely no one else from anything you’ll ever watch. It’s a CYBORG movie and a complete, shameless ripoff of Predator. Please check out and comment on our podcast!

Please forgive the random comments on Mexicans in the podcast, I love them with all my heart and they are far better workers than I am. (I’ve also dated a few) I don’t apologize if I’ve made fun of Republicans (doubtful in this cast).


Alien Opponent Podcast


Here’s our podcast for the movie Alient Opponent!

Alien opponent was filmed right here in the greatest state in the union, Connecticut. It’s plot is over the top, weird and kills off dozens of people.  It’s got Roddy Piper in it, a ripoff Lara Croft and my old kickboxing instructor in it.

The audio was off on this one, so bear with us on it…it’ll be better next time….


alien opponent

Killdozer PODCAST

Welcome to our second podcast!  This time it’s personal!  Come for the better editing, stay for the offensive Tweets.  Warning, this Podcast Contains an ENGLISHWOMAN with an incredibly foul mouth. This one’s rated ARRRRRGHHH !

Thanks for checking us out

KillDozer! The Killer Bull Dozer!

The real life KILLDOZER